Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rally for Laya! UCSF today!

Advocacy group flocked in front of the University of California-Mission Bay this morning…to call for justice for “Laya”, a Filipina graduate student at UCLA who accused her ex-boyfriend, UC Student Regent Jesse Cheng of sexually assaulting her last October.

Katrina Socco of AFFIRM said they decided to rally for the victim to eliminate the stigma of rape. She said, “Victims should not be afraid to get help.

The victim, only known as “Laya” filed a police report weeks after the alleged assault. After questioning Cheng, the Irvine Police released him and the District Attorney’s Office decided not to press charges.
Dr. Analisa Enrile of the Mariposa Center for Change said, “She is understandably upset. She feels revictimized.”

Last month, the UC Office on Student Conduct and Discipline found Cheng responsible for sexual battery. Cheng has since filed an appeal.

These women’s rights groups are now calling on the UC Board of Regents to remove Cheng from the regency. The board is expected to make a decision tomorrow.

Cheng’s term as student regent is expiring in June. He refuses to step down, claiming he’s innocent.

- Balitangamerica

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