Timeline of events

Updated as of April 2011

- Oct. 3, 2010: alleged attempted rape occurred at Cheng's residence

- Oct. 14, 2010: Cheng sends Laya an email that says, “I can never forgive myself for sexually assaulting you.”

- Oct. 19, 2010: Cheng sends Laya an email that begins, “I first want to apologize for the lateness in writing this letter….I'm sorry for sexually assaulting you.”

- Oct. 26, 2010: Laya filed a police report with the Irvine police dept. [she said she was scared to report but finally gathered enough courage to]

- Oct. 28, 2010: Laya arrives at Irvine police dept to make a "covert call" to the Cheng. [this is standard in these cases where the police ask the victim to call to see what the alleged perpetrator's response will be. The call is recorded and in evidence at the police dept]. During the call Laya tells Cheng, "I just want you to say you are sorry." Cheng replies, "I'm sorry for everything I did. Ok. I'm sorry for sexually assaulting you. I'm sorry for trying to rape you."

- Oct. 29 2010: Detective on case requests that the report be filed with the OC DA for attempted rape.

- Nov. 4, 2010: Irvine Police question Cheng on UCI Campus. Cheng asks if he is going to be arrested; he is told that they need to talk to him and that he was not under arrest. During this discussion Cheng admits that he started what he called "foreplay" and Laya said "no." After the discussion, the police decide to arrest him for sexual battery. He was booked and released.

- Nov. 9, 2010: Detective on case requests his report be filed with the OC DA for review and filing consideration.

- Dec. 1, 2010: Laya is told by Irvine Police Detective Tom Goodbrand that the DA will not prosecute the case. Laya calls the DA but gets no response.

- Laya still gets no response from the DA.

- Feb. 8, 2011: Laya calls the OC DA's office and speaks to Farrah Emami who informs her over the phone that there is no record of her case. Further, Emami tells her that even if a case is rejected, they should have a record of it on file. Laya checks under Cheng's name and birthdate and still no record is found. Laya calls the OC DA's office again but gets no response.

- Week of Feb. 1: New U (newspaper) calls DA who tells them they have no record of the case (later, in the Bay Citizen, someone from the DA will say that perhaps his name was spelled wrong into the system and that is why they could not find it. This is the assertion despite the fact that the reporter says she spelled Cheng's full name, gave his address, and his birthdate).

- Feb. 8, 2011: Laya emails the lead detective on her case and requests he provide her with DA's name and contact information with whom he forwarded her case. Detective responds, “I unfortunately cannot remember the name of the DA.” Laya explains that the DA's office has no record of the case. Detective then tells her, “It is Deputy DA Morgan.” Laya also spoke with Sergeant Condon of the Irvine PD who told her that her case was rejected by the DA and that the police had “no control” over DA's records.

- Feb. 9, 2011: Laya calls the DA Harbor Office and speaks with three different people all of whom said that procedurally even if the case were rejected there would be a record of it. They could not locate her case under the defendant's name or the police report case number. Laya requests to speak with Deputy DA Morgan but her request is rejected on the grounds that there is no record of the case.

- Feb. 15, 2011: Laya breaks her story in the New University paper.

- Feb. 16, 2011: Laya reads in “Bay Citizen” that the OC DA states her case was rejected for “insufficient evidence.” Laya calls and speaks to Prosecutor Dan Hess of the OC DA's office. He tells her that her case was processed and rejected on February 10, 2011 for “insufficient evidence.” He does not address Laya's concern that as of February 8, his office could not find any record of the case. He confirms that the case is closed.

- Feb. 21, 2011: Jesse Cheng releases a statement to OC Weekly and the New University.

- March 10, 2011: UCI Student Conduct finds Jesse Cheng responsible for violating University of California sexual harassment policy of "unwanted touching." He is given seven days to file an Appeal.

- March 16, 2011: Advocacy groups for Laya protest at the UC Regents Board meeting in San Francisco. 

- March 17, 2011: Jesse Cheng files an appeal on the grounds of "the sanction imposed was too harsh given the finding of fact." No reliable source could comment on the exact punishment Jesse Cheng received.

- Laya still has no news about the appeals decision.

- April 20, 2011: Students protest in front of the UCI Administration building demanding justice for Laya.

- May 10, 2011: Office of Student Conduct denies Jesse Cheng's appeal and sanctions him with sexual education and anger management classes.

- May 13, 2011: Jesse Cheng submits a letter of resignation to the Board of Regents.