Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Daily Cal- The Empty Gesture

Originally posted on May 22, 2011.

Jesse Cheng’s decision to resign prematurely leaves his tumultuous term as UC student Regent unfinished.

UC student Regent Jesse Cheng’s premature resignation leaves his tenure incomplete after a term marred by controversy.

The scandal he faced is enough to make most public officials resign immediately, but his waiting for two months to pass after receiving a student conduct violation for sexual battery by the UC Irvine Student Conduct Office in March makes Cheng’s decision to resign questionable.

Cheng’s resignation is nearly inconsequential at this point. His decision to resign comes too late after his initial controversy to be a sign of the scandal’s effect on his job performance — Cheng was apprehended by the Irvine police for sexual battery in November, though the DA did not charge him with any crime.

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Jesse Cheng's Statement

Dear Fellow Students,
It is with great regret that I write this letter to announce that I have tendered my resignation as the Student Regent of the University of California. My regret partially stems from my choice to resign before the May Regents meeting, which would have been my last Regent meeting; and also the inability to finish my service to a student body and UC community which has given me so much. But I make this decision today because I believe it is part of my obligation and what I owe to the students who have supported me, to ensure that students have a full and powerful voice at the Board of Regents, and do what is best for the student community.

I respect the decision of the Student Conduct Process, no matter how much I disagree with the findings. It is a much lower standard of evidence than a criminal court, but I also recognize that the process nevertheless applies to me as a student. My main focus and motivation has always been for students to feel that they have a full and powerful voice on the Board of Regents. Seeing how it will be my last meeting as a Student Regent, and how much of a distraction from other serious student issues that this issue has continued to cause, I think it would be best for the students and the University of California if I step down at this time. Along the same lines of pushing for students to have a powerful voice at the table, I have confirmed that Alfredo Mireles, the Student Regent-designate, will be able to utilize my vote on the Board of Regents next week. I feel confident that with Alfredo speaking as the full Student Regent, students will continue to have a full voice and vote at the table. Whether or not I continue as a Student Regent, I think that will always be the most important issue.

I would like to take the liberty to thank all the leaders and activists who have taken their time to work with me and fight for an affordable, accessible, and quality UC. They have been students, staff, faculty, and UC administration, and I owe them all a great debt of gratitude. As students, we faced extremely difficult challenges these last two years, including one of the largest fee increases in the university’s history and one of the largest fiscal crises in the state’s. However, we also launched one of the largest grassroots mobilizations in the country, with well over ten thousand students, staff, faculty, and workers walking out to send a clear message to decision-makers and legislators about the importance of a college education. I am proud to have been there to witness such a powerful moment for higher education. In this past year, through difficult challenges, we’ve been able to win small victories. Student activists worked hard to urge the university to look at diversity models to improve campus climate, and recently gained two student representatives on the UC’s Investment Advisory Group, allowing students to gain a wider perspective and voice. Perhaps most importantly, this year the Board of Regents approved a resolution pushing for all campuses to adopt a holistic admissions model, a model that will produce a more fair and balanced admissions process for future UC students. It is a victory that students have been seeking for years, and it was an honor to see the University take such a strong stance on balanced admissions practices. It has been an honor to support the leadership of students who have advocated across the system these past two years.

I have tried to serve the students and the University of California to the best of my ability for the last two years, and I thank the students for giving me this opportunity and privilege. At the end of the day, I want to recognize it is a privilege to serve, not a right. I am stepping down now because I think it is the right decision, and the best way for the students to have a powerful voice at the table, for the student movement to move forward without distraction, and for the University of California to face the challenges we have before us.

Respectfully Yours in Service and Friendship,
Jesse Cheng

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Jesse Cheng Resigns as Student Regent

On February 16, 2011, Jesse Cheng told the OC Weekly that he would not resign from his position because "That would be an admission of guilt." Three days after his appeal was denied, he submitted a letter of resignation to the Board of Regents.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

OC Weekly: Jesse Cheng, UC Student Regent, Loses Appeal

UPDATE, MAY 10, 5:46 P.M.: University of California Student Regent Jesse Cheng lost his appeal of a UC Irvine misconduct ruling over an October 2010 "unwanted touching" incident involving his ex-girlfriend, according to feminist groups tracking the case against the Asian Studies major.

Cheng was unable to comment when contacted by the Weekly this afternoon. Once that comes, this post will be updated again.

Chairman Russell Gould assured the women the board was taking the matter seriously but that it would have to await the end of the appeal process before taking any action. Now, the groups are accusing the UC and UCI of delaying the appeal denial because Cheng is only scheduled to attend one more Board of Regents meeting before his term ends.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Jesse Cheng's Appeal Denied

The UCI Student Conduct Office's ruling puts Cheng on probation for the duration of his tenure as a UC student, and instructs him to take educational and anger management courses.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

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Student Who Admitted to Sexual Assault Still on UC Board of Regents 

The UC Board of Regents is comprised of a slew of high-profile individuals and important figures in the UC system, including California Gov. Jerry Brown, Speaker of the Assembly John Pérez, President of the University Mark Yudof, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson, Alumni Associations of the University of California President Rex Hime, and La Opinión Newspaper Publisher and CEO Monica Lozano.

This, ahem, illustrious Board claimed that it didn't want to consider removing Cheng until the Office of Student Conduct's decision came back -- then when the "he done it" verdict was returned, used Cheng's decision to appeal and backpedaling on his confession as reason to continue to shirk from the issue.

The Justice for Laya Coalition sees all this as nothing but excuses and has no intention of letting the Board get away with running out the clock to Cheng's upcoming graduation -- letting them off the hook for having to take action. To support their efforts on behalf of Laya and other UC sexual assault survivors, sign the petition launched by AF3IRM here.

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

False Rape Society

Quite ironic that a blog dedicated to informing people about false rape accusations can see through Jesse Cheng's lies.

Originally posted on March 19, 2011

It is a bizarre case, but False Rape Society will not support the accused here.

But the Office of Student Conduct has ruled that Cheng engaged in "unwanted touching." Even if he didn't, one must seriously wonder if Cheng is either too stupid, or too unstable, to serve as the student regent in light of the admissions he wrote in emails.

Some who are concerned about injustices to falsely accused men will construe Cheng's current predicament as a form of karma. After all, when you join with the gender-divisive purveyors of lock-the-doors-hide-the-daughters Chicken Little rape hysteria, you risk having the monster you helped create turn on you.  It is ironic that Cheng himself helped manufacture the very culture that led feminists to stage yet another gender passion play this week, this time, when they protested against him.  It is doubly ironic that no matter what happens to Jesse Cheng, he will not acknowledge that the system is broken, and that it allows innocent men to be found responsible of terrible wrongdoing in college kangaroo proceedings that make us long for the good old days of Star Chamber.  Jesse Cheng will not help us to change the system; he is only out to save Jesse Cheng.

Jesse Cheng is the author of his own discontent. False Rape Society calls on the Board of Regents to oust him from the board immediately.

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